Meet the Team



Ash Catherwood makes things and also appears in things. He is made of Dinosaur feathers and anachronism.

Jessica Danov

Mike Donis is a Toronto based actor, director and picture editor. He loves all forms of creative expression but does not love drinking urine.

J. Gordon Ross Born and raised in Northwestern Ontario, J. Gordon Ross writes psychological stories with a unique voice. He is the writer of the award-winning horror film Poor Agnes.

Andrew Haughton

Joanna Haughton was born in Miastko, Poland. She graduated the University of Toronto with High Distinction. Joanna spent her early years in drama and dancing, and later began studying various styles of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, including several weapons. She loves to do her own stunts whenever possible. This has included combat and low high falls.

Fluent in both Polish and English, Joanna can be seen in various Canadian and American television shows, as well as feature films, and projects she has helped produce.



Timothy Hedden

Elora MacGregor is a tall, high-heeled and lanky composition of sarcastic humour and coffee. She is a singer, actor and dancer out of Toronto, Ontario. In her spare time, she likes to make friends with woodland animals and compose music. Occasionally for deaf narwhals.

Ashlea MacLund

Michael Torelli

Hethor West